Mobile Ninja Warriors

Bringing ninja events to you

Mobile Ninja Warriors

Bringing ninja events to you

Mobile Ninja Warriors

Bringing ninja events to you

Mobile Ninja Warriors

Bringing ninja events to you

Mobile Ninja Warriors

Bringing ninja events to you

Mobile Ninja Warriors

Bringing ninja events to you

We bring an unforgettable customized ninja fitness event to kids and adults at your chosen location, sure to deliver laughs, smiles, and even some education along the way!

We bring an unforgettable customized ninja fitness event to kids and adults at your chosen location, sure to deliver laughs, smiles, and even some education along the way!

What is Included in a Ninja Event?

The Ninja Rig

Our ninja rig includes the following exciting and challenging features:

  • Warped wall
  • Ninja rings
  • Trapeze bars
  • Floating monkey bars
  • Climbing rope
  • Floating boards
  • Rock climbing wall


Balance & Agility

Ninjas must have good balance and quick feet to conquer these ground obstacles:

  • Quad steps
  • Balance beams
  • Rolling pipes
  • Stepping stones
  • Teeter totter
  • Spring board
  • Agility ladder


Inflatable Fun

Inflatables add an element of fun and excitement to any event. They are the perfect addition to the ninja rig, giving participants a chance to rest their ninja grip while still moving and spreading smiles. With over 60 feet of fun, our two inflatables can challenge even the best ninjas:

  • Giant slide
  • Inflatable obstacle course


Planning Your Amazing Ninja Event is EASY!

Mobile Ninja Warriors make planning easy for you and promise that a mobile ninja event is EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Click to see the FUN, obstacles, and get insights to what your event will entail!

Did you Know?

Movement is key for releasing happy endorphins in your brain. These natural opioids relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Movement is a critical lifestyle behavior that will allow everyone to be healthier and happier.

Our Most Popular Events

School Events

Need to plan a field trip? No need to figure out transportation for hundreds of students. We will bring our mobile ninja rig to your school for a convenient and fun filled experience. Ask about our fundraiser opportunities as well!

Corporate and Sports Team Building Events

Nothing bonds a group of people quite like doing something new and exciting! Whether your team is a youth sports team or a team of professionals, we use time tested team-building concepts combined with a 100% tailored obstacle course. We meet everyone where they are and provide an opportunity to be successful regardless of skill level.

A Mobile Ninja Warriors event is the perfect addition to an end-of-season team celebration.

Also, some businesses invite us to take part in their employee appreciation day, where the kids and adults can play on the ninja rig together.   

Fairs / Carnivals / Parades

Our obstacles are state of the art and will add an element of fun and excitement to any fair, carnival, or parade. We will run our experience ensuring that participants adhere to safety guidelines and other policies, including signing a waiver. If you want a unique attraction at your event, Mobile Ninja Warriors will be there! 

Private Events (Birthday, Block Party, Ladies Night Out, etc.)

Want to add that special touch to an event with family or friends? Mobile Ninja Warriors has worked with various community and individuals to produce a 100% customized experience based on your event. Don’t hesitate to call!


Frequently Asked Questions

This looks amazing and challenging! Is it safe?

While there is an element of risk to any athletic activity, we set up the necessary precautions to make this a fun and safe experience for everyone. We do the following to minimize the risk of injury:

  • We inspect the ninja rig equipment on a regular basis and before every event
  • We put crash pads/mats under the hanging obstacles to catch any falls
  • We will work with you to understand the skill level of the participating ninjas and can recommend customized obstacles for your group
What about the weather?

Even for ninjas, weather is always a risk when hosting an outdoor event.

Our ninja obstacle rig is water resistant, so, a little rain isn’t enough to stop us! However, safety is a priority: if there is lightning, then all ninja activity stops immediately and we take shelter until it resolves.

If inclement weather is expected on the day of the event, we will set up the ninja obstacle rig as close to a building as possible and then use any indoor space (e.g., gym space, a pole barn, gazebo, or picnic shelter) for inflatables and balance/agility.

Our last resort is to reschedule the event for a clearer, more ninja-friendly day!

What do I need to host a Mobile Ninja Warriors event?

To host an incredible event, a few things are needed:

      1. Space of 100’ x 100’ for the ninja rig, inflatables, and balance/agility activities. If we are entering a venue, we need at least 13’6″ of clearance and the ability to drive a 70 foot rig to the desired event site.
      2. Depending on the number of participants, some hosts like to have volunteers (e.g., especially for school events). 3-4 volunteers or exceptional staff willing to assist during the events is greatly appreciated and a way we can help keep your event costs down
I have a question about something not covered above. What do I do?

Click HERE to see all frequently asked questions or click the button below to get your questions answered by our AMAZING event coordinator!

People LOVE our Mobile Ninja Events

See what they are saying!


We LOVE Mobile Ninja Warriors! They traveled to Duluth, MN to put on an epic birthday party for my boys! I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money on it for the kid’s birthday party but it was WORTH EVERY penny! The memories that were made will last a lifetime! I highly recommend booking them! They were so nice to work with and most importantly the kids had the time of their lives! Thank you Mobile Ninja Warriors for going above and beyond to make the day so special!

Lindsey M.

Loving Mother


Mobile Ninja Warriors came to our school for our Fall Fundraiser and they did an unbelievably amazing job! They were super easy to work with and very organized, there was not any side work for the Fundraiser Committee to do. This event was 2 months ago and the kids haven’t stopped talking about it! And on top of all that, they were able to write us a check for $1,000 at the end of the event. It was a super fun and easy fundraiser for our school and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Krissy I.

Committee President


Thank you for putting on an unforgettable ninja experience for our community! We will never be able to have a better block party experience. We were all a little hesitant about the cost, but it was very affordable once all our families pitched in. The event was PRICELESS when we watched the kids scream in excitement when the trailer first pulled up and shed tears of joy when they pulled out of the driveway. It has been 6 months and they are still talking about this event. I HIGHLY recommend these guys!

Tara M.

Community Member